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Software and Web Developer, Web Analyst

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About me

I Am

A highly reliable and motivated individual with an extensive programming background, including web and database design, IT support and project management. Passionate and adept at learn new techniques, skills, and technologies to improve my own talents and the talents to those around me.


I have extensive experience working on a variety of websites. Below is a small sampling of some of those sites. Included in the examples are short term, long term and site update projects that have been credited to me.

Feel free to browse through my portfolio and CLICK on any icon to view more information about the selected project. For more information about my work and services please do not hesitate to contact me.


Work History


Created a touchscreen application for 52" interactive sales kiosk

Developed a Wordpress theme with a mobile component to deliver content that mobile users were looking for based on the website analytics

Brickworks Communications

Marketing and Communications Agency

Senior Software/Web Developer

  • Lead small development team
  • Work on multiple client projects simultaneously under tight deadlines
  • Web and database design and development using PHP, MySQL,S/HTML,ASP
  • Custom WordPress plugin and theme development
  • Write cross browser compliant HTML and CSS
  • Mobile website design and development
  • Design and slice Photoshop and Fireworks documents
  • Advanced Google Analytics and Webmaster tools tracking
  • Web performance analysis and updating
  • Regular SEO checks and changes to sites
  • Communicate with clients on a regular basis to ensure their needs are being met
  • Online text, image and Flash ad creation and tracking


Developed dynamic rearrangeable sign-up process with behavioural targeting sign-up pricing conditions

Simply Audiobooks

Audiobook Rentals and Downloads

Software Developer

  • Web, database design and development using PHP, Javascript and MySQL
  • Integrating system with third party APIs (ie PayPal Payflow Pro)
  • Create and implement business and functional specifications
  • Designed new merchandising system
  • Server side installations and upgrades
  • Engage with open source communities and software vendors to find new programs and support
  • Provide support to team to resolve internal and external IT issues
  • Co-chair of Health and Safety committee


Instrumental in launching Indigo toys by validating, prepping and tracking vendor provided data.

Co-lead a major fix for the retail inventory database that caused problems with receiving, inventory and financials. Both Identified the problem and came up with a solution along with educating others about it along the way.

Indigo Books & Music

Print, Gift, and Multimedia Retailer

Master Data Specialist

  • Develop new tools to automate current processes
  • Resolve complex data problems with involvement from multiple departments
  • Ensure vendors clearly understand and adhere to the national standards as well as Indigo's requirements as they apply to the transfer of data
  • Maintain regular contact and relations with vendors
  • Report on, offer solutions for and troubleshoot data gaps and inconsistencies
  • Design and develop easy to follow step by step documentation
  • Liaise with various store locations and resolve data issues in a timely manner
  • Create weekly and monthly reporting based on various data sets
  • Provide technical assistance for Microsoft products and SAP
  • Create new SQL queries for reporting and processing

My Process

Step 1:


Before I put a pencil to paper I like to get some information about a web project. These are just a few options I consider:

  • What's the end goal?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What are competitors or similar sites doing?
  • Will the site have frequent updates?

Step 2:


No rulers, no grids just freeform drawings and scribbles.

This helps me play around with a design before I start and rule things out that just won't work.

Step 3:

Digital Design

This is where I jump into Fireworks or Photoshop.

Step 4:

HTML Mockup

Using the same Grid system I am able to quickly mockup pages into HTML. This prep work for the next step but really gets me thinking how the page should be created for best results in terms of rendering, speed, and SEO. If I know that the site might be viewed on a mobile device I take the appropriate steps to optimize it for smaller screens and browser cache.

Step 5:

CMS Theme creation

If the website is going to use a CMS I take my HTML mockups and work them into the CMS' templating system. At this stage I may sometimes go back and make minor adjustments to the design to account for anything that doesn't work as well in practice as it does in a mockup.

Step 6:

Browser Love

This is where I take care of browser specific problems and nuances. The majority of the time this is inclusively IE fixes. This also includes any CSS3 browser specific updates. Generally I code things first for Firefox then move onto Webkit based browsers and so on.

Did You Know?



By utilizing Event Tracking you can see if some of that cool javascript you added is even being used.

You can track downloads of PDFs, images and anything else and then find out how they got to the download by using Funnel Visualization.

There's a PHP version of analytics that you can use to track mobile devices. This is great for devices like older Blackberrys that have Javascript turned off by default.

Behavioural Targeting

You can use tools like BTBuckets to filter content to users based on things such as keywords that they used to find you website.

You can even roll your own targeting if you have the time.



You should always load this at the top of your page, if not, browsers like IE will display a white screen until all stylesheets are downloaded

Using a grid helps speed up the process as well as keeps things clean and consistent. Also just because you use a grid doesn't mean all your designs have to be square.


Javascript is awesome but if your site(s) is used mostly by IE users you may want to limit how much you use it.

If you are not using a JS framework then you really should start. I'm using jQuery here but you could use Prototype, Mootools, Dojo, YUI even Google's Closure Tools.

If you try and keep all your Javascript at the bottom of your webpage it will load faster. You may also want to consider minifying, combining scripts and using a CDN.


Web UI

Design for the web is always changing and so you have to keep up with some of the latest ideas and technology, for example CSS3.

A DOCTYPE tag should precede your HTML tag to tell the browser how to render your webpage.




An advanced online image editor.

I used their chrome extension (Pixlr Grabber) to grab all of my screenshots and then did my editing and cropping on


I love using jQuery when it comes to editing the DOM. If you can write CSS then you can use jQuery and vice versa.

960 Grid System

Since I've started using this my development time has decreased significantly and my designs are looking cleaner than ever. I recommend checking out if you haven't yet.

V 1.0

Hamilton International Airport

This site was developed using a series of Photoshop files. The site integrates data from a variety of sources to provide both current weather and flight information.

Advanced analytics tracking and segmentation were added to further understand the market segments that are using the website. Based on those results it was clear that there was a need for a mobile version of the site for handheld devices, including cell phones, iPhones and Blackberries.

Big B Comics

The site was newly created in conjuction with a professional illustrator. The framework and content were created by using the information sent to me by the client and the graphics created by the illustrator.

WordPress was used as the content management system, something the client was familiar with. Custom code was written to allow the client to maintain and update almost every aspect of the site.

Simply Audiobooks

Though most of the work on this site was strictly backend, I did recreate the sign-up process. It was turned from a static form to a multi-part dynamic process. From back-end controls a high level admin could rearrange at which stage a component, such as phone number, would appear in the process.

This redesign of the sign-up also included the use of adwords and other variables for the dynamic rendering of a user specific pricing matrix.


This site was created using a custom Wordpress theme according to the clients specifications. The theme uses advanced stylings that were made to be cross browser compliant.

The actual html for the header of the website is between the content and the footer. This allows for search engines to read the content before hitting the navigation which helps with keywords and pagerank


Major work was done to give the client control over their main website banner which includes video . They also had to be able to control it from their current admin panel and with the help of jQuery and AJAX it was made possible.

Other work includes updgrades to the backend WSIWYG editor.


Advanced analytics and segmentation were implemented on their existing website to better understand how their site was being navigated.

A touchscreen application for a 52" interactive sales kiosk was created that is used to help sales people in their selling process as well as offer a WOW factor to potential customers.

My Starward Community

This site was both designed and developed to give Starward customers a community portal. Wordpress plugins were created and modified to allow the ease of use for both administrators and users.


This site was developed in wordpress and co-designed with another web design agency.

Customization was done to allow internal members to receive regular updates to website comments and changes.


This job was originally a port from their old static website to Wordpress, however because of the size of their previous website I opted to use Wordpress MU instead of standard Wordpress. This decision gave them more control and allowed them to have a more defined user authorization.

New plugins were created to facilitate user management across the Wordpress installation. Steps were taken through custom plugins and themeing to help make the site even easier to use. Time was also spent training the client in the use and editing of site content


This site is an online appliance energy auditing tool for home users. In addition to developing this site, I also had a hand in the design.

This application was built with PHP,MySQL,Javascript and AJAX technologies. It was also setup to allow partner integration based on future needs.


Utilizing a custom content management system, upgrades, maintenance and training we provided for the client. Regular maintenance and site updating were conducted as the seasonal fashion collections were released.

Mobility Elevator

Search engine optimization was added to this clients existing website. A lot of work was done on tight deadlines and required ongoing constant monitoring as per the clients needs.


The Sylvite America's site was created based on the Sylvite site and utilized the same content management system. Both the Spanish and English versions of the site share the same database but can be edited seperately.

For, flash updates and reworks were done, along with other changes to the site to improve overall usability.


Enchanced user interface interactions were created on the clients existing website.

Greg D'Angelo – Resume

You can check out the Acknowledgement section below to see some of the tools I used to create this website.

Essentially I was created to show off my skills, knowledge and for me to just have some fun.

jQuery Plugins

Widow Remover

Fixes hanging words in specified tags.

Wordpress Plugins

Firebug Lite User

A simple plugin that activates FirebugLite on your Wordpress install when a debug URL parameter is set.

FAQ Manager

A plugin to easily create FAQ lists and items through the admin console.

Recent Post By Category

A widget that grabs the most recent posts by category. This plugin is being used currently on a number of websites.

WordPress MU user addition tool

A plugin for WordPress MU that once a user is created adds that user to all other blogs in the system; useful when using Wordpress MU as a CMS.

Online Party lighting supply store

Sells lighing for all types of parties including light up favours and venue lighting